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  As the successful school year comes to a close, the thought of
summer brings excitement and anticipation.  What are you going to
do this summer?  It’s a time for making plans with family and friends,
camping, going to the lake, eating ice cream, and playing outside in
the warm air.  Some of you attend summer camps!
  It’s also a great time to catch up on some reading.  Great stories
can take you away to places you’ve never been before, even when
you’re staying at home!  For the months of July and August, you can
pick up Kids’ World News at all of our sponsors, the libraries,
YMCA’s and some post offices.  Just look for the newspaper stand
that says Kids’ World News!
  Thank you to all the teachers, principals, superintendents, school
secretaries and parents who participated with information and thank
YOU for reading the paper that’s meant just for you!
  We hope you have a safe and happy summer vacation.