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  It’s hard to believe that summer’s almost over and we hope you
enjoyed it!  Michigan is such a great state with so many places to
go and things to do.  On our All About Michigan page we try to
highlight some of the interesting facts about the state we live in.
 Now that it’s August, everyone starts to get ready for school to
begin.  Going back to school is very exciting.  Many of you have
grown during the summer too!  That means shopping for clothes,
shoes and school supplies at the same time!  Backpacks, pencils,
crayons, a lunch box are just a few needs!  School also means
getting to see friends that you haven’t seen this summer.  Most of
all, starting a new grade is a new adventure in learning.
 Don’t forget to sharpen our mind by reading a book or two before
you go back to school.  Have you went to your local library yet?  
The library is a wonderful place to find all kinds of books on many
different subjects!   So, check it out this week!
                                                                  Pat and Debi